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Electricity is used to power our homes, businesses, and industries. As an electrician, we are responsible for ensuring that all electrical systems are installed and maintained correctly and safely.

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Experienced Residential Electrician Ready to Provide Quality Electrical Services

We are an experienced team of licensed electricians, who will strive to meet your needs for any residential electrical project. Our services include lighting installations, panel upgrades, rewiring, surge protection, and other electrical repairs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of work and customer service.

Our team is committed to providing a safe work environment and adhering to all necessary building codes. We are passionate about our work and we ensure that every job is done to the highest standards.

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Licensed Electrician Ready To Help You With Any Electrical Job!

Emergency Electrical Services

Emergency electrical services are available to help you solve any unexpected issue with your electrical system. From a simple fix to a complete rewiring, emergency electrical services are there to provide you with the help you need.

Electric Panel Upgrade

A professional electrician can help you determine what type of upgrade is best for your home or business. Depending on the age and condition of your existing system, the electrician may recommend a full replacement or just a partial upgrade.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breaker services involve the installation, testing, maintenance, and repair of circuit breakers and other electrical components. These services are necessary to ensure that electrical systems are safe and reliable for both homeowners and businesses.


Wiring services involve the installation of electrical wiring systems to provide power and communication to different parts of a building. They may include the installation of wiring for lighting, security, and fire protection.

Outlet & Switches

Our experienced electricians are available to provide the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions for their electrical needs. We will work with you to identify the most efficient.

EV Chargers Installation

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service when it comes to installing your EV charger. Our technicians have extensive experience working with the different types of EV chargers available and can recommend the best option for your needs.


Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot and repair any existing lighting system. We also provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your lighting system remains in top condition. It can be used to create a mood, enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room or light up a feature.

Smoke Detectors

At Fire Protection Services, we provide smoke detector installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable in the latest fire safety technologies and can ensure that your smoke detectors are properly installed and in good working condition.

Safety Inspection & Troubleshooting

Our team of certified safety inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of your facility to identify any potential safety hazards. We will provide a written report detailing any findings, along with recommended solutions.

Residential Electrical Services

Residential electrical services provide reliable, safe, and cost-effective solutions for your home’s electrical needs. Whether you are looking to install a new outlet, upgrade an existing electrical system, or repair a malfunctioning appliance, a professional residential electrician can help.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical services also help to ensure that all of the components are properly wired and that the wiring is properly installed and maintained. This helps to prevent any fires or other problems from occurring.

Whole-House Surge Protection

Whole-house surge protection is a critical part of protecting your home and its electronics from power surges. A power surge is an unexpected surge of electrical current that can travel through the wiring of your home and damage any electronics connected to it.

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Electrical maintenance involves performing periodic inspections and tests.

Service Price Duration Category
Emergency Electrical Services Call For A Quote 1:30 Electrical Services
Electric Panel Upgrade Call For A Quote 2:15 Electrical Services
Circuit Breakers Call For A Quote 2:15 Electrical Services
Wiring Call For A Quote 3:30 Electrical Services
Outlet & Switches Call For A Quote 3:45 Electrical Services
EV Chargers Installation Call For A Quote 3:30 Electrical Services
Lighting Call For A Quote 1:30 Electrical Services
Smoke Detectors Call For A Quote 1:45 Electrical Services
Safety Inspection & Troubleshooting Call For A Quote 2:45 Electrical Services
Residential Electrical Services Call For A Quote 1:45 Electrical Services
Commercial Electrical Services Call For A Quote 2:15 Electrical Services
Whole-House Surge Protection Call For A Quote 3:0 Electrical Services

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